Business Partners

How to help shape the future in media industries: The Executive Master’s program “International Media Innovation Management“ is being developed in close collaboration with experts and executives from academia and business in the value chain of media production.

Partners among those companies will impact the curriculum by bringing in challenges from their daily business life. IMIM students and their mentors take to these challenges.

IMIM partners have the opportunity to:

• Suggest real-life projects to be implemented in their company

Every participating business gets the chance to approach IMIM with a “real-life-project”, which then is to be discussed in one of its workshops. Within the framework of each respective project, students will be allowed to get involved (even with their own employer) and may lead one of the teams in working on a specific problem in-house. Students will be coached by their mentors, well-known and respected strategists. Together they will offer consultancy to companies during the program.

• Harness the know-how of an international team of young experts and their mentor in dealing with particular challenges

For new ideas, input, constructive criticism IMIM puts you in contact with an international team of two or three media business high potentials from – amongst others – Austria, Spain, Germany, the Czech Republic or the United Kingdom, who will then analyse your requirements for their Master’s thesis. The students will be coached by their mentor, a well-known expert, who as a professional strategist would have cost you a fortune to hire. This project (e.g. feasibility study) will take some months, during which the team and one of the company’s managers keep in contact. At the end of the program the students will present their results/solution to their “client”.

• Send a student

IMIM is a part-time program for working professionals. It aims at bringing together Europe’s high-potentials from the media industry and related sectors as their collective, visionary key words are convergence and innovation. The participating companies will benefit from one of the greatest assets they can hope for: Their leadership teams will be enhanced boosted by the best trained media innovation managers worldwide. A further benefit will be the international network the students will have built up by the time of graduation.

• Send a lecturer or top-executive

IMIM’s curriculum not only consists of courses and workshops, but also of events. This format is called “Meet the Executive”. One of Europe’s top-managers in media business talks to the students in an evening lecture. Afterwards they have the opportunity to get together informally and to socialize. The participating executive on the other hand gets a chance to speak to future leaders of her/his industry in order to boost brand-awareness of the company she/he represents.

The program charges € 20.000/year for all these benefits.

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