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Google Search Goes Semantic

In his blog-post from May 16th, Amit Singhal — manager at Google — explains an important new feature for Google Search which just has been released for users in the United States. With the Knowledge Graph, Google extends the capabilities … Continue reading

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Amanda Palmer Raises over $400k by Crowdfunding

In times where record companies complain about piracy and declining sales, Amanda Palmer – former member of the Dresden Dolls – shows how alternative business models in the music business actually can work. Without the backing of any music label, … Continue reading

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Contention on DRM Proposal for HTML5 Media by W3C

The recent W3C proposal on “Encrypted Media Extensions” for HTML5 supported by major players like Microsoft, Google and Netflix already causes controversy on the net. It is the lack of media copy protection and encryption features in HTML5 why Flash is … Continue reading

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