Graduation of the Executive Master’s Program on Oct. 7

Last week we celebrated the second graduation of our Master’s program. The graduation speech was given by Bill Horn, Deputy Editor of The New York Times’ Video Desk. Bill, who has been accompanying the program since the very beginning, pointed out the importance of focussing on your operation’s core values.

14 new Masters of “International Media Innovation Management” celebrated after 2 years of studies in Austria, Germany, Spain, USA the end of their adventure journey. Hitch-hiking through the new media universe – guided by principles of academic research, and in best company of wonderful colleagues. Archive innovation management, the role of innovation labs in media outlets all over the world or the ethics of content marketing: These are just some of the topics of Master’s theses written by this cohort’s imim students. The imim-team says thank you to students, partner organizations and faculty!

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