Second round of IMIM applications

The Executive Master’s program “International Media Innovation Management“ (IMIM) is being conducted in close collaboration with experts and executives from academia and business in the value chain of media production. Partners among those companies impact the curriculum by bringing in challenges from their daily business life. Those can be:

  • corporate innovation projects as well as
  • projects of start-up entrepreneurs, freelance journalists, media developers or designers applying for IMIM individually.

Students and their mentors take to these challenges.

IMIM partners either present their personal application as an entrepreneur/journalist/designer/developer/etc. or send a student coming from their corporate environment. They then have the opportunity to suggest real-life projects to be implemented in the company and harness the know-how of IMIM in dealing with particular challenges. Furthermore, there is also the chance to send an executive as guest lecturer to the program.

Student fees are € 20.000/year. Please request your application form here. Applications of potential business partners and experienced individual entrepreneurs and freelancers of the sector are welcome. The application for scholarships ended already.

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