14 students and a piano at Poynter

Some of us are still struggling with jetlag, but the others have arrived at having great conversations at Poynter: For this week’s attendance block in the USA, the 14 Master’s students are being coached by several members of Poynter’s faculty and affiliates in St. Petersburg, Florida. Kelly McBride started the group off with her session, reminding them of the fact that journalists more and more become their own paperboys, being responsible for getting the content to the audience. That perfectly pointed to the week’s theme “Your Content Needs a Strategy”.

Carol Mitchell worked on the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator with them, finding out whether they are more introverts or extraverts and how they make their decisions. At lunch break, Poynter’s recently appointed president Tim Franklin has revealed his 100-day plan of re-inventing the institute to the students. At this very moment, leadership trainer Jill Geisler enthuses the students about giving and accepting feedback. And Roy Peter Clark promised to even roll a piano into the seminar room for his session on Friday…

Follow the group on Twitter — next week visiting the New York Times, Chartbeat, Story Worldwide, Google etc.

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