10 things you should think about when integrating your newsroom

“What does it take to change the newsroom?”: The current issue of EBU’s magazine tech-i (ebu_tech-i_020, page 5) features a synopsis of Dieter Bornemann’s thesis at IMIM_Master. Dieter lists 10 trends he observed when comparing six cases of newsroom integration withtin the EBU community:

  1. Resistance by the journalists is part of the process — the management has to cope with it.
  2. Multiskilling (=one journalist working for many different media types) is less common than working bi-medial.
  3. Political independence is a must.
  4. There is a good chance that the newsroom management will be changed in order to break the resistance against newsroom integration by the middle management.
  5. Multimedia collaboration still needs physical proximity.
  6. The utilization of user-generated content and mobile news needs to be taken into account during planning the transition.
  7. Sharing of content via a proper content management system (CMS) is a key issue in a multimedia environment.
  8. Technology trainings for journalists are crucial.
  9. An integrated newsrooms means more coordination effort.
  10. Professional change management during transition is a must.
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