Newspaper extinction timeline – When newspapers in their current form will become insignificant

“Australian futurist and entrepreneur Ross Dawson has gone about predicting the death of newspapers according to country, charting out his observations in the map pictured here.

His point is not just that newspapers in their current form will become, as he says, “insignificant”, but exactly when this happens varies from country to country.

The extinction, Dawson predicts, will start in more developed countries, beginning with the US in 2017, followed by UK and Iceland in 2019 and Canada and Norway in 2020. But in most countries, newspapers in their current form will still be around in 2040, so prophetic claims of the death of the newspaper are premature at best. “

(; access  Nov.5 2012)

Austria has still 16 years to read printed newspapers – and your country? ;-)

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