“Tradition is NOT a business model”

The newspapers are not dying, the newspapers are transforming. But it is important who and for what reason are doing the transformation.
Today, the online version is everything what the print is plus a lot more multimedia content.

Dr. Patrick Stähler, founder of fluidminds, consider that “only business model innovation in print and online will allow the publichers to survive. Tradition is NOT a business model”. He finds 8 theses on the transformation of Media Industry.
You may read more about newspapers and innovation and about the 8 theses here: 090907changingmediaindustry-090909155105-phpapp02

Who is Dr. Patrick Stähler?
Dr. Patrick Stähler is founder and partner of the strategy consultancy and think tanks fluidminds – the business innovators. He holds a PhD and a master in management from the University of St. Gallen, Switzerland. Patrick Stähler coined the term business model innovation as a new type of disruptive strategy in his PhD thesis at the University of St. Gallen in Switzerland in. More information here: http://www.exec-inst.com/executive-education/lecturers/dr-patrick-staehler/

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