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The third dimension

As Jeff Jarvis has been advocating for years now, news should be delivered as a process rather than a product. The traditional publishing industry probably frowns upon the requirement, because “newspapers as a[n information] distribution system just aren’t equipped to handle … Continue reading

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Some interesting links of Thurs/Friday’s sessions

topsy Real-time search for the social web evaer Recording Skype audio in MP3 format if this then that Put the internet to work for you pipes Composition tool to aggregate, manipulate, and mashup content from around the web tweetdeck Desktop … Continue reading

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Monitoring, Evaluating, Optimizing with Social Media Tools: Webinar with David Röthler

Does Kachingle or Flattr work? Will using crowdfunding or social media tools help you increase your revenue (as a publisher/aggregator/etc.)? In IMIM’s first webinar, David Röthler wants to answer questions like these: on how crowdfunding and crowdsourcing works and how you can … Continue reading

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The Executive Master’s participants

IMIM’s 14 first-year students come from six European countries and Egypt and are evenly balanced in terms of gender. Magda Bărăscu, Romania: Project Manager & editor at e.g., Daniela Blagojevic, Malta: Head of Media Desk Malta/Culture and the Audiovisual Unit. … Continue reading

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Who teaches at IMIM?

IMIM’s faculty includes academic lecturers as well as top-level executives from the media business, e.g.: Gerhard Zeiler (RTL Group) Alan Rusbridger (Guardian) Lucy Küng (Univ. St.Gallen & Jönköping) Toni Piqué (Consultant, Spain/Americas) Lis Ribbans (Guardian) Bill Horn (New York Times) … Continue reading

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